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King Kilo - Glass Floor King Kilo - Glass Floor

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THis is hyppe.

NIce and grimey. Reminds me of Odd Future a little bit. The simplicity is key too. Just asking for an MC on it.

If I get around to it you'll be the first to know.

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Killerkb responds:

Thank you! I like to keep things simple.
Feel free to use this for anything that you want! I'd love to hear the result.

SH - A New Age SH - A New Age

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Loving This

I just discovered your stuff a couple weeks back and have been really impressed and inspired. I found with this track especially, each part of the song flowed well inbetween each other, maintaining the tone and feel of the song while changing the pace and attention. Something that I think a timeless song does, the ones that give us shivers down the spine and changes our mood instantly. I really liked the sitar bits too. The title's spot on too.

-API- The Virus [Preview] -API- The Virus [Preview]

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This is the first song from NG to go on my .mp3 player. I love this song. And yeah Im using it for my up and coming pico day flash. And its turning out really well. So keep your eyes open on the 30th.

first audio review?

Loopa doopa doo my name's brak Loopa doopa doo my name's brak

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lol you're fucked

Its hilarious if you let it loop a few times. But like lolwtf? It reminds me of Tom Green for some reason. Good job.... brak

Infamous Freestyle Full Infamous Freestyle Full

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Im crying...

because that was just so bad. but it sounds like you tried hard on it. btw reading your review responses is like reading a Dr. Seuss book.