Journalists and News sources just want a good story that will get a lot of clicks.  Do people realize this?  Why are people constantly sharing Right and Left wing pandering click bait and passing it off as truth??

I made a song about how this pisses me off a la Bo Burnham.


Whether you're voting or not take a look at this Rap Video mocking all of the Candidates!


... And sHARE it if you have the balls...

Do You Like Rap? Listen in.

2013-03-19 21:54:46 by brainface

"Loves blind folded hit hard with Flog Whips"

I've been rapping for a while now but only really freestyle with my buddys. I make tracks now and then but refuse to release any whack shit. Here's a tight beat by Killerkb aka King Kilo that I oped on today. Wrote the lyrics the other night when I first found it here on NG.

Anyway give me a shout, feedback if you dig it hate it or got questions good beats!!

Listen to George Carlin

2010-03-29 03:27:56 by brainface

Seriously, if you never have go to youtube right now. fj9o

Aah yes, basic Zen.

Recently I've been going to school feeling stressed out and simply worrying too much about silly little things in my everyday life, most predominately: getting my dick wet. My worrying had a negative effect from everything from my relationships with others to my mental and physical ability.

The study of Zen has helped me a lot with my worrying, stress and my day to day perception of self and the reality that is my life. I sincerely recommend taking a look and see where you take it.

Here are just a few concepts
Detached mind: detaching from expectations, judging others, the need for approval or control
Living in the moment: Go with the flow, there is only the now
What is, is: Accepting the truth

I recommend the audio book by Dick Stutphen "Self Master" (he has others), or the book 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance', Robert M. Pirsig, but I'm sure theres great resources on the web :-)

I've also gotten into the habit of meditation. It feels very awkward and pointless at first, but after learning you're going into a different state of mind and giving it a shot a few times I feel absolutely great afterwards.

I'd love to hear any sites, books, or experiences you've had with Zen.

And remember:
It is your Resistance to What Is, that causes your suffering.

The Corporation

2009-05-03 06:17:49 by brainface

Everyone should take 2 hours out of their day and watch this documentary.


And if you don't do that at least watch these youtube clips G4Uk&feature=channel
: falsifying news is not against the law. 10:25 LQrw

The Corporation

9/11 Conspiracy!!!

2007-12-10 00:43:05 by brainface

Please take 2 hours out of your day go to this website and watch this movie.

Part 1 is about Religon
Part 2 is about the 9/11 conspiracy
Part 3 is about how much deeper the conspiracy goes

Go in with an open mind. And just think for a second that possibly instead of being afraid of some terrorist in the middle east being afraid of your government and its power.

Man I'm SO wasted!!!!

2007-10-02 20:37:57 by brainface

Instinctually what do you think that meant? I was really drunk? or I was really high?

Because from what I believe the word 'wasted' means really drunk but after watching Dazed and Confused and some other old movies it USED to mean really high.

How did transformation happen?

Man I'm SO wasted!!!!

Watch Superbad

2007-08-14 02:54:08 by brainface

That is all.